Anthracite & Bituminous coal

Penn Keystone Coal distributes high quality Anthracite coal from northeastern Pennsylvania.  Recently PKCC has been involved in shipping Anthracite to steel mills for coke replacement.  Please contact us if your firm is in need of Anthracite for this application or any other.

Retail Dealers: We have coal in stock ready to ship!

All Anthracite is washed and sized at a modern prep plant and tested regularly to ensure quality.
Anthracite Sizes:

Stove:  2 7/16 x 1 5/8
Nut:  1 5/8 x 13/16
Pea:  13/16 x 9/16
Buckwheat No 1:  9/16 x 5/16
Rice:  5/16 x 3/16
Barley:  3/16 x 3/32
Buckwheat No. 4:  3/32 x 3/64
Buckwheat No. 5:  3/64 x 100 mesh 

All coal available FOB truck southern Anthracite field or by rail.  We have the ability to load Anthracite on the Reading & Northern Railroad.  Contact us for availability and pricing details.

Our Anthracite coal can be trucked to western Pennsylvania and loaded onto barges for delivery on the Mon, Allegheny, and Ohio Rivers in the tri-state region.

Bagged hard coal is also available by the truckload on pallets.  See our "Bagged Anthracite" page.

We can supply individuals with approx. 23 ton loads of Anthracite or Bituminous coal for home heating (loads may range from 22 to 26 tons depending).  You must have room for a 70' tractor trailer to access your site.    Please email your zip code for a delivered quote.  You may also arrange to have your own tractor trailer or triaxle to pick up coal.  Sorry we cannot ship or sell smaller tonnages at this time (ie, 1 or 2 tons).  Full truckloads only.

Single bags of Anthracite available for shipment anywhere in the US at price plus FedEx Ground shipping.

Recent Nut coal dry specs:

Moisture: 5.49% (as received)
Ash: 9.58% 
Sulfur: .59% 
BTU/lb: 13,451 
BTU/lb: 14,876 (dry, ash-free)
Volatile Matter: 4.36% 
Fixed Carbon: 95.17% (dry, ash-free)
Ash Fusion Temp: 2,700 F
Lbs sulfur per million BTU's: 0.44 

Coal analysis report by GeoChemical Testing Somerset, PA.