Bituminous & Anthracite Coal Sales

Penn Keystone Coal works with coal producers and brokers to supply high quality industrial coal for various applications such as cement plants, limestone kilns, schools, prisons, greenhouses, tourist railroads that operate steam locomotives, etc.


RETAIL YARDS: PKCC also supplies Bituminous and Anthracite coal in bulk, loose or bagged, for retail coal yards throughout the east.  We supply all sizes of Anthracite and a washed low sulfur, low coke button, high BTU Kentucky stoker coal as well as Pittsburgh seam Stoker and Nut (2x5") Bituminous coal.  Soft coal details below; please see our Anthracite and Bagged Anthracite pages for more details on our hard coal.


Please contact us with your inquiry:


An example of our industrial/retail soft coal:


Washed Pittsburgh Seam Stoker & Nut Coal


Moisture:     3%

Ash:             9.11%

Sulfur:         2.22%

Vols:            34-36%

FSI:              8.5

BTU's:          13,440 AR

                    13,808 Dry

                    15,235 MAF

Pounds Sulfur per Million BTU's:   1.65 

Pounds SO2 per Million BTU:     3.30


Size:           1 1/4" x 1/4" stoker

                         2" x 5" nut (aka lump)


Fines:           10% (15% max)


We also have different sizes and grades of coal for various applications, please contact us for details.


We can supply individuals with approx. 23 ton loads of Anthracite or Bituminous coal for home heating (loads may range from 22 to 26 tons depending).  You must have room for a 70' tractor trailer to access your site.  Please email your zip code for a delivered quote.  You may also arrange to have your own tractor trailer or triaxle to pick up coal.  Sorry we cannot ship or sell smaller tonnages at this time (ie 1 or 2 tons), full truckloads only.

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