Bituminous & Anthracite Coal Sales

Penn Keystone Coal works with coal producers, brokers, and steel producers to supply high quality Anthracite and Bituminous metallurgic coal to the metals industry.  We also are supplying a dried Met Coke, see below.


We can supply low-vol, mid-vol, and high-vol metallurgic coal. 


PKCC has supplied Anthracite coal from eastern Pennsylvania to steel producers in times of coke and met coal shortages.  See more on our Anthracite page.


Please contact us with your met coal inquiry.


Dried Met Coke


Moisture:              -0.5%

Ash:                      8%-10%

Volatile:               1%-1.5%

Sulfur:                  0.6%-0.75%

Fixed Carbon:      88%-90%

Sizing:                  3/8"x 20 mesh


Packaging:          Supersacks or 25 lb bags 50 per pallet, truckloads only.



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